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When it comes to things to see in Sri Lanka, you are simply spoilt for choice! We offer you much more than just sightseeing, an experience! There are a host of authentic experiences that await you on your visit to the island. From discovering nature and the creatures within to adrenaline pumping water sports, we’ve got it all. Let us know your interests and as your trusted travel agent we’ll take care of the rest of your preparations. Engrave the best experiences in Sri Lanka into your holiday memories!

Cycle trecks

Enjoy a peaceful bike ride through busy streets? The cycle trek package is certainly your cup of tea! What better way is there to explore the cities of Galle, Polonnaruwa, and Jaffna other than on a bike!


There is a whole sea of hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered in the waters of the azure Indian Ocean surrounding the island. Let us take you to the best spots for your underwater adventure.


If you’ve been in search of peace of mind, we have the ideal holiday package for you! Boost your wellness with Ayurveda sessions offering long-term and short-term treatments on your vacation.


Take in the tranquil surroundings while you paddle through the calm waters of the lake or be prepared for an exciting adrenaline rush when it comes to white water rafting in the gushing rapids.

Hot air Balooning

Catch the first sight of dawn up in the skies among the fluffy clouds and receive your first flight certificate too from us! Enjoy a celebratory toast once you are back on the ground and much more!


One of the major shopping centers in Sri Lanka is none other than the buzzing city of Colombo. Let yourself splurge just a little bit on various trinkets from branded and bargain shops alike.


If you are a surf maniac, Sri Lanka has some of the best waves to offer! Ride the curling waves of Arugam Bay and Weligama or try your luck at kitesurfing in Kalpitiya and Mirissa for a riveting time.