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At Tangerine Tours, it’s our fundamental belief that each and every one of our guests should have a trip of a lifetime! As a premier among inbound tour operators in Sri Lanka, we strive to offer travel experiences which are enriching, special and hassle-free.

Our packages were designed with a highly personalized touch to reflect the wonder of this magical island, showcasing its rich and diverse heritage, culture, arts, tropical vistas and delicious cuisines.
Our aim is to offer great comfort, an outstanding level of service and devote extra attention to details with the expertise of our multilingual team to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. As we take care of all your transfers, hotel reservations and more thus ensuring a smooth journey!

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to play the role of a well -connected friend, linking our guests from around the globe with fantastic guides, naturalists, artisans, restaurateurs and hoteliers and many others who have much to offer international visitors.
Tangerine Tours sprang out of a desire to create a dedicated home for journeys crafted in the spirit of unbounded adventure and travel! To that end, we warmly invite you to join us to explore and discover a destination unlike any other in better and more immersive ways, making this the year you enjoy a handcrafted trip of a lifetime.